Post-Convention Celebration

The NEXT LEVEL for Your Essential Oils Lifestyle is HERE!

September is always my favorite time of year - the annual dōTERRA® global convention is an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and get energized as we get to hear about the commitment to developing the highest quality products, derived from the best ingredients, while always finding ways to give back and benefit humanity. And now we want to bring a little bit of that energy to you!

From products, to research, to enhanced opportunities, you are in for a real treat on your Essential Oils journey.

On Saturday, September 23rd at 5:00 pm EDT at Lucky Elephant Yoga and Wellness, our team will be hosting Post-Convention Celebration and I encourage you to sign up for yourself while making sure to share this live event with anyone else interested in Essential Oils.

I will never forget!

I will never forget when I was first introduced to dōTERRA® Essential Oils by a fellow Wellness Advocate. It was right after the annual convention in 2013, and they were so excited to share the latest news and announcements and especially the education that they had received there. I didn't fully understand their excitement until I missed the convention in 2014, and then and there I promised myself I would never miss another!

My promise to myself has gotten stronger with each passing year, because each convention is better than the last!

This is why I am so motivated to share this opportunity with as many people as possible because Essential Oils are LIFE-CHANGING and I want you to benefit the same way that myself and thousands of others have.

During our time together, we will share all of the new and exciting updates from the dōTERRA® Convention. From new products (can we just say - 5 new single oils AND 3 new blends!) to new research (want to know which oil can prevent microbial growth on surfaces for 7 days!?), there is a TON to share and we absolutely cannot want to create an experience with you.

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When And Where
From 9/23/2017 5:00 PM To 7:00 PM EDT
132 Park Ave New City 10956 United States